Note from Editor

Sabrina Sigler, Editor in Chief - Disobedient Magazine

I am so excited to be finally putting Disobedient into the universe and have been so humbled by the response and amazing contributions.


Ever since I decided that I wanted to be a journalist I had dreamed of having my own magazine but didn’t think the opportunity would come so soon.  


In such a unique and worrying political and social climate Disobedient couldn’t have come at a better time. I hope to use my privilege as a white cisgender womxn to amplify the voices of those who do not have the opportunities, platform or the resources that I have. I think this is something that all people in my position of privilege must do.


Disobedient is an extension of my ethos and influence as an individual journalist.

I am currently writing this note lying in bed due to chronic illness in the form of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. The majority of Disobedient has been written and edited by me in this position.


My goal is for our readers to treat Disobedient to an extent as a public resource. Knowledge, entertainment and guidance from people who look like you, feel like you and have experienced what you have and of course, a platform that’s there for you if you need it.


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