Disobedient is a new digital and print magazine founded by Sabrina Sigler in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2019.

empowerment - accessibility - resistance - platforming

Disobedient is all about resistance and the ways in which resistance can take form. Resistance from all areas of oppression, from racism and xenophobia to sexism and the gender binary itself. From capitalism and austerity to the restrictive blockades of class and wealth.


Everyday acts of resistance take place, acts seemingly as small as existing as a working-class, woman of colour filmmaker in a predominantly white, male and middle-class dominated industry - such as Sumaya Moustafa, one of our founding contributors.


Disobedient features contributors from all around the world and from all walks of life and experience. Our contributors share their poetry, photography, illustrations, articles, short stories, dreams and thoughts to be published in our quarterly magazine and our online platform.


We are always looking for contributions, find out more about contributing here.


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