Become a Contributor

We are always looking for contributions to Disobedient!


Send us ANYTHING you'd like a platform for (which abides by our ethos of course), no matter how small that platform is for now! 


Themes of resistance, womxns rights and issues, LGBTQIA+ liberation, current social and political events, radical thinking or anything in which you are truly passionate about is always something we want to see, but even something as seemingly small as that dream you had one time or your bucket list is, of course, appreciated and loved. 


Please email all contributions to with your name, where you're based, pronouns, a short biography about you and the work you're submitting.


We also have a form at the bottom of this page which you can download, fill out and email to us to make the process easier.


Our contributors and their stories are equally as important as the content they submit!


Written submissions


Written submissions should be submitted in PDF, Microsoft Word, Google Doc or just copy and pasted into the email. They can be in any language, but if not in English or Español please send a rough translation with it. 


Visual Submissions (photography & illustrations, etc)


Please state what equipment you used and locations (If applicable).




Currently Disobedient has no funds, therefore, cannot pay our contributors for their work. This is something we hope to change after the publication of a few issues and as interest in contributing increases.

In saying that, photographers who wish to contribute a photo which will be displayed on the front cover of a physical edition of the magazine will be paid.


Disobedient Online contributions can be anything listed above but also extends to comics, short films, documentaries, music, podcasts, etc.

These can be submitted through any format you wish as long as uploadable to the blog. You can also send us YouTube/SoundCloud links. Please also state locations/cast and crew used for videos (if applicable).

Web edition contributions (Disobedient Online) can also be included in standard issues and this is encouraged! Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in.





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