White Noise | Brat Coven

Brat coven are a three piece riot grrrl punk band with aims of helping to create a safer and more inclusive music scene.

Inspired by bands such as Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth and Hole, the group have recently been working to introduce a synth sound into their music - teaming catchy choruses and energetic instrumentals with strong intersectional feminist values.

True to their riot grrrl roots, the band have also started their own zine further amplifying their message.

Photo by John Pringle

Brat Coven which consists of SJ, Luce and Beth, want to update the riot grrrl revolution which dates back to the early 90s and bring it to a newer 21st century audience

Their debut single, White Noise was released in February and now has over 3,000 streams.

White Noise is available to stream on all major platforms. Watch the video below:

Twitter: @bratcoven / Instagram: @bratcovenband

Words by Brat Coven and Sabrina Sigler (editor)