The Fellowship is an acrylic on canvas board painting by emerging New York City based artist, DARKRECONSTUCTION.

4x6 inches in size, the piece uses soft greens and shimmering mica, meant to remind the viewer of treasured friendships and acceptance.

Acrylic abstract-expressionist painting on canvas board

Queens, NY.



DARKRECONSTRUCTION is an emerging nonbinary queer artist working in acrylic and watercolor paints, creating abstract expressionist paintings, and a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Born in St Petersburg and raised in Brooklyn, they currently live and create art in Queens, NY.

Their work focuses on the contrast between urban life and nature with an aim to create paintings that bring a moment of serenity and calm to the viewer.

In their work try also try to bring forward reminders of a division, a contrast, two separate things that can have a middle ground that they coexist in. Aiming to create work that brings peace and a feeling of acceptance to other nonbinary or genderfluid persons, while granting a glimpse of the feeling of being part of something other, something new, something outside the norm to those who are comfortable with the gender roles they were assigned at birth.

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