Selected Work | Brecht Lanfossi

A collection of 10 pieces by Belgian surrealist collagist/digital painter, Brecht Lanfossi aka nozem, with accompanying statements written by the artist himself.

Beyond Ones Depth

The artwork turned out illustrating the superficial ways of attraction/repulsion in romantic affairs. It's a sort of visual argumentation about how money, power and status can have a negative or even a positive decisive effect in people's perception of love. The creation itself is suggesting that this sort of mechanism destroys the sincerity of what love and romance should be all about. How can we love straight from the heart and with both feet on the ground with those mechanisms?


Noun: The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.

The artwork depicts a female character in the foreground of the frame. One could say she is dancing in a seemingly careless way and living in a delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are. One may wonder if she really lives in a delusion or if she is just in harmony with herself and her surroundings as angels are looking over her shoulders and evil creatures are heading home. The creation could also be suggesting that she is a sort of heavenly personification of ones.


Noun: Incomprehensibility of things; the doctrine held by the ancient Skeptic philosophers, that human knowledge never amounts to certainty, but only to probability.

The binary code in this artwork is a visual representation of the search for the comprehensibility of things. It is peculiar to humanity searching for the certainty of knowledge while from my perspective it's more noble trying to live with the idea that human knowledge amounts only to probability. It think this way of seeing those things will lead us to a better understanding of them. Thinking that human knowledge amounts to certainty is forcing while thinking that it amounts to probability is flowing.


Noun: The stage in our lives when we start seeing the tricks, illusions, misleading beliefs and harmful habits of our egos and put them aside so that we can finally explore what lies underneath.

The artwork focuses on higher consciousness and spirituality in general. It came into being as a response to personal experiences with seeing the tricks, illusions, misleading beliefs and harmful habits of my ego. I use the statement “it came into being” consciously because the making of the work came naturally. The whole process felt very intuitive, fulfilling and noble at the same time. I strongly believe that everyone has particular stages in live where they experience true calcination.

Anxiety Attack Before Dawn

This artwork is a visual representation of my personal experiences with panic attacks during the most lonely moments at night. The often returning man in the framework illustrates the subconscious mind while the little kid in bed illustrates the fragile human body during those periods of mental suffering. The complex construction of blocks is the imaginary wall where one can run into in the heat of a panic attack. It symbolises the difficulty of seeing things clearly any longer while being in such a situation.


Derived from Greek emmetros "well-proportioned"

This work could be a sort of surreal dream image of how I think being and living together in a relationship should look like. So one could say that from my perspective it's a well-proportioned dream image of how I want my love life to be. Fun fact, I already have two black cats so I guess that's a really good start of the surreal dream image that I aspire.

Dopamine Digger

It's best to sort of describe this work with a quote only. “A fuckboy isn't interested in what's beneath yours boobs. A hoe won't be able to see through your Armani suit.” - Dino


From the curator of “This work makes me think of the different ways society has developed to transmit and consume information. Is the title applauding the successes of human achievement? Or suggesting that this is the world that needs to be made better?"

Hollow Casanova

It's best to sort of describe this work with a quote only. “The ladies usually go for the biggest damn fool they can find; that's why humanity stands where it does today: we have bred the clever and lasting Casanovas, all hollow inside, like the chocolate Easter bunnies we foster upon our poor children.” - Charles Bukowski.


Adjective: Showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.

A way to interpret this work is to consider it as a scene in a sort of vague state of mental functioning where symbolism dominates the whole experience itself.

About Brecht


Brecht Lanfossi (alter ego: nozem) is a Belgian surrealist collagist/digital painter inspired by dream-like and psychotic consciousness free of reason and convention. He is a Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK Ghent)  drop out who never gave up the idea of making some “art” one day. 

A way to interpret Lanfossi's work is to consider each work as a scene in a sort of vague state of mental functioning where symbolism dominates the whole experience itself. On the other hand he believes that  it would be complete nonsense trying to answer the conundrum concerning his aesthetic creations. 

He also doesn't like to use the word “art” for his works because of the grotesque sounding connotation it carries with it.  For the artist himself doing what he does is just one of the many existing desperate ways of escaping the global enslaved mind we are all currently living in. He thinks doing that sounds a lot better than the superficial, rat race driven, chaos that has become our norm.

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