Roulette Series | Kathleen Day

Slideshow of work below.

acrylic paint, foil paper and collage on 7cm x 7cm card stock

artist K. Day

circa 2020

San Antonio, Texas

This series will be in now in the Frontone province of Italy for a private gallery.

About Kathleen


Kathleen Day is a contemporary artist, author and the mother of a special needs child, ten year old autistic artist Aiden Gamez (see on Instagram).

Kat has been an artist since childhood, starting her professional freelance art career directly after high school. Having lived in and travelled to various places throughout the world, she currently calls San Antonio, Texas home.

Miss Day has been published through a large variety of venues throughout her extensive modeling career while her art contributions and installations are less publicized. She has now set her main focus on contemporary art and has been published in Diafano (an Australian art magazine), Dete Magazine (Tokyo, Japan), The Lust zine, etc. and has been featured in many international platforms for her body of work. Her work can currently be viewed in Arte-Sono Gallery (Stuttgart, Germany), That Art Gallery (United Kingdom), Art Space (Oklahoma City, OK - USA) and Big Screen Plaza (New York, NY - USA).

With several children's book series of her own in the works, she is also an illustrator for children's books authored by others. Having been published in The Library of Congress as early as age 14 for her poetry, the bulk of her written body of work can now be viewed on her website, .

Kat is the primary founder and head of The Courrier mail art project. You can view her own artwork throughout our website via the outgoing gallery. See or @the.courrier on Instagram.

Instagram: @artist.kday & @model.katday /

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