Profile: photography by Bethany Livingstone

Erin by Bethany Livingstone

Bethany Livingstone is a 19-year-old Scottish upcoming photographer. She has recently launched a new - currently untitled - photo series which features natural portraits of women in response to the heavily altered view we see on social media sites such as Instagram.

Erin by Bethany Livingstone

The first photos from the series are of Bethany’s girlfriend, Erin. This shoot was about finding and reflecting Erin’s beauty through natural light. Shooting together is something Bethany and Erin do often but as this series progresses Bethany will be embarking out of that comfort and shooting with other models and friends and family.

On deciding on the subject of this series Bethany said:

“I see a lot of photos on Instagram of women super re-touched and with harsh lighting so you can’t see them or the details that make them themselves. So, I wanted to take a series of photos that show the beauty of women without any of the re-touching."

Erin by Bethany Livingstone

Bethany has a variety of inspirations for this series and her photographic work in general. She draws inspiration from many concepts and fellow artists. One of her favourite inspirations being @sashasamsonova on Instagram and a selection of work she sees on Tumblr.

Erin by Bethany Livingstone

Bethany is looking for more models to shoot for this series, all womxn are welcome to contact her via her Instagram (below) who could arrange to shoot in the Glasgow/Inverclyde area.

Instagram: @photographgayy / Erin’s Instagram (model) : @pengwuine

Compiled by Sabrina Sigler, editor of Disobedient Magazine

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