Profile: Kiera x Murdoch Photo Series

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Kiera and Murdoch are friends and a creative team based in Canada. Their work is a collaboration between themselves with Murdoch being the model and Kiera styling and shooting the series featured simply on her phone.

Kiera (she/her), a recent Art History graduate and makeup artist, takes inspiration from vaporwave, vintage travel posters, and people watching. In her work, she aims to bring new perspective to other people and herself by putting things in a new or different context.

Murdoch (they/them), who will be relocating to Montreal soon, has also studied Art History and primarily focuses on fine art. Their inspirations come from the occult, tarot, pop music, and the movie The Love Witch. Their art is highly symbolic and uses lots of lines, dynamic shapes and geometry to create high impact, hypnotising pieces. They usually work with acrylic paint or do ink drawings.

On this series, the duo said:

“We tried to make this an effort of shared and successful self-expression at a time when we were both feeling a little lost and unsure of ourselves and our direction in life. Each look also reflects a different side of Murdoch’s essence, at least parts of which others can likely identify with.”

Instagram: (Kiera) @cashmere_baptism / (Murdoch) @murdoch_lore

Compiled by Sabrina Sigler, editor of Disobedient Magazine