One Frame 03: Señor… | Diego Leon Bethencourt

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'Señor…' by Diego Leon Bethencourt

This image is of the magnificent cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. There are few words to describe the scale of the building and the daunting feeling one gets standing at the staircase of its entrance. Its colossal size stands over the city of Santiago, controlling and observing it.

When photographing the building I tried to show this, to compare the size of the columns and the towers to the figure of the man in the corner. You would be forgiven if you hadn’t noticed him.

Religion and faith built this over 700 years ago at an enormous cost but perhaps the wrong kind of faith. After all it was no God who managed to create it but the life of many people from Santiago who dedicated their lives to creating a piece of art.

Perhaps a man just like the one that passes by in the frame, almost not noticing what is right by his side, to him the cathedral is simply a daily view.

The title of the image takes on the ambiguity of this faith, whether it should be placed on the Lord (El Señor) or simply just a man (un señor) who may pass by us without noticing.

About Diego


Diego Leon Bethencourt (b. 1999 Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish Photographer and Microbiology student based in Cork, Ireland. Diego's work often explores feelings of nostalgia and reflections of his traditional Spanish upbringing. Diego is also the photography curator for Disobedient.

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