One Frame 02: Paradise | Diego Leon Bethencourt

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Paradise by Diego Leon Bethencourt

‘Paradise’ is probably one of my favourite images I’ve shot. It was an absolute coincidence of a frame that I didn’t even give much importance to until I had developed the roll.

The title of the image refers to the text written in the windows of the building, located in North Main Street of Cork, Ireland - one of the oldest and more classic streets in the city. Despite how old the street is, it does not attract many tourists. Being relegated nowadays to a string of charity shops and a mismatch of businesses ranging from vape shops to body building stores, the rest being empty lots such as the one in the photograph.

For me, the image is very tongue-in-cheek, since none of the elements of the image should convey any traditional idea of paradise. Cars, rundown buildings, dreary weather, a different view of Ireland that fits more into what I’ve seen in the past four years living here - in contrast to what I’ve heard from those outside the country. Perhaps Ireland is not so much the scenic paradise that some outsiders imagine.

The only element reminiscent of the idea of Paradise is the figures in front, an elderly and affectionate couple.

A final note, the buildings depicted in this image will be demolished within the next few months, a city that is constantly losing its architecture and heart in a mistaken effort to recreate itself - instead of renovate.

About Diego


Diego Leon Bethencourt (b. 1999 Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish Photographer and Microbiology student based in Cork, Ireland. Diego's work often explores feelings of nostalgia and reflections of his traditional Spanish upbringing. Diego is also the photography curator for Disobedient.

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'Paradise' is featured in Disobedient Issue 01