Introducing, Disobedient Online

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Disobedient Online is the web edition of Disobedient Magazine.

Disobedient Online shares glimpse's of our standard issues while also sharing and promoting work that can't be put into a magazine. Think short films, documentaries, podcasts, music - the list is endless.

Disobedient Online aims to showcase what can't be put into our magazines, promote the work and events of like-minded individuals and organisations who share our ethos, and finally, Disobedient Online's main purpose is to improve our accessibility - a platform that is completely free and accessible to all, something that we can't do with our magazines issues.

To have your work on Disobedient Online email us at or contact us via our social medias below. We also want to advertise your project/product/event as our platform grows. To enquire about this you can email us at the same address above making sure to use the word 'online' somewhere in the subject line.

What to submit?

You can submit anything that is listed on our Become a Contributor page PLUS any media you wish to share such as video or audio.


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