Eglon's Room | Asta Kinch

Eglon's Dream | Collage

Collage on paper: magazine cuttings, supermarket brochures, restaurant flyers, wrapping paper, book cover, stickers, King James Bible cut-outs, hosiery, mesh sachet, coloured pen and pencil, glue, tape, golden glasses’ chain, sunflower petals, gift ribbon, nail polish and string.

Including lines from Thomas Caldow’s poem ‘Shaping’, published in GUM’s UNITY issue (summer 2019).

Slideshow of collage below.

The inner Room | Poem

About Asta


Asta Kinch is a poet from Denmark who is living in Scotland. Her passions include fat liberation, skin care, collages, and photos of raccoons. This summer she graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and Theology & Religious Studies. She is now studying for an MLitt in Creative Writing.