Effeminate Boys of Hong Kong | Shakira Burton

Effeminate Boys of Hong Kong is a visual series by photographer, Shakira Burton. The series comes from Shakira's passion for fashion photography combined with including powerful messages behind each image to bring attention to important topics - in this case, toxic masculinity.

Effeminate Boys of Hong Kong expresses how many young men in society feel the need to hide their emotions and be traditionally masculine.

In this series of photographs, Shakira explains that it’s okay to be emotional, it’s okay be vulnerable, it’s okay to dress feminine, the most important thing is to be who you are and not be ashamed of that.

About Shakira


Shakira is a 19-year-old photographer currently based in Hong Kong. She started her photography journey when she was about 16 when she met her best friends in high school. They used to do everything artsy together, from exploring the city and it’s art exhibitions to taking photos of each other in their local neighbourhood. Shakira soon developed her photography account on social media, gaining attention which lead to collaborating with models, shooting for fashion shows and more.

Shakira is currently still working as a freelance photographer but has her side projects while doing online degrees. She hopes to eventually be based in London and be doing fashion photography full time.

Instagram: @shakira.kb / https://shakiraburtonbusin.wixsite.com/portfolio