Desecration Internation | Jacob Morin

-Waves are jamming jamming jamming out of reaching hands extended

-Stretching to the heavens, they summon plagues to infect infect infect

-Those fingers shoot fire fire fire into the clouds and birds and angels

-The objects of the air twist and burn and fall down down down onto the earth

-The dust and debris debris debris clots and clumps and captures the Sun

-People scream scream scream and the birds squeal and screech and scratch

-But the hands don’t change their motion as the plans still hatch hatch hatch

-Walls walls walls push plant’s precious pulchritude off the planet’s plume

-The white washing waves encompass everything everything everything

-Coating all the land in vapid swaths of cold cold cold grey chunky fresh tech

-Sealing souls of sapiens behind sad sullen steel steel steel, stealing joy

-People keep it running running running for it seems so sweet and special

-But it’s killing killing killing all the things we need the most

-We are being a very very bad bad bad host.

-Despite our own disaster, we must have hope hope hope

-Though the situation is dire dire dire, that’s why we must inspire

-If People People People see the truth through the disguise

-We can join hands across the globe globe globe as heroes, realize

-It may take drastic drastic drastic action and tough determination

-This action must not be done by just one nation nation nation

-For these problems impact every single species species species

-We must discard discard discard the problems that keep us apart

-Regardless of skin, creed, color, or thought thought thought

-All of us together share humanity humanity humanity

-There is change that each and every one of us can do do do

-But the biggest challenge to tackle tackle tackle is built on lofty power

-We must oppose the filthy rich who don’t give a damn damn damn

-No matter what it takes takes takes to save our seas and skies and land

-Join us all together together together, and soon we’ll all take our stand.

About Jacob


Jacob Morin is an 18-year-old libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist from Maine, USA, who writes poetry and occasionally dabbles in visual art. He hopes to pursue a career as a psychology- focused therapist in the future. Or, he will become a mystical and adventurous author and live in a shack somewhere in the desert while trying to facilitate the revolution. Or both. Time will tell.