BRISK | Nathan J Langan

BRISK is a fashion film by Edinburgh-based photographer and Stylist, Nathan J Langan. The film creates a cold and disconnected energy contrasting with vibrancy and life coming from the models featured and the clothing they are are styled in.

Cold stone facades or blank, flat white wash walls with movement and efficiency from the subjects and bright and jagged clothing, create a juxtaposition between warm and cold, like the word brisk that could be taken as a positive or negative. Long shots cut to close ups, spacey and entrancing music backed up by far off stares and cold looks from models who sparkle and shine in environments surrounded by dark and sparse or bright and empty bunker like rooms. Powerful and vibrant woman, in desolate and barren settings. Diamonds in the rough.

- excerpt from pitch.

About Nathan


Nathan is a second year Fashion Communication student at Heriot Watt University, hoping to pursue photography and styling in the future. Looking to the future, I would love to one day start working closely with magazines I support, providing content and even articles.

Instagram: @NL.HWU / @Nathanlangann