Bored Beads: Adornment and Activism

Small Business Feature

Bored Beads is an up-incoming jewellery brand founded in May 2020 in Los Angeles by Jamie and Marie, two Queer friends who were looking for a new hobby at the start of lockdown. They started selling their unique pieces on Instagram, gather unprecedented support and have now sold over 700 pieces of jewellery as well as donating to various mutual aid causes in the process.

Jamie and Marie, founders of Bored Beads.

Each Bored Beads piece, which includes earrings, necklaces, rings, and more, will often be one of a kind, rarely making duplicate styles, this as described by Jamie and Marie as, reflects the beautiful singularity of their supporters. The jewellery is mostly made using recycled beads by Jamie and Marie themselves in keeping with their business's ethical values. Bored Beads is for everyone and anyone who wants to adorn themselves.

Accessible pricing is important to Bored Beads, with products rarely being priced at over $15, but while still keeping their goods affordable, Bored Beads has been able to donate over $500 to a number of causes such as, Black Lives Matter resources, Covid-19 relief, and Indigenous organisations. This has become a priority within their small business.

On this Jamie and Marie said;

"With George Floyd’s death, we felt morally obligated to put some of the money we were earning towards important movements and organizations, such as Black Lives Matter. Over the past 8 months we’ve been donating to mutual aid funds and organisations that support BIPOC folx, the Queer community, and Covid-19 relief efforts."

Examples of products below:

Learn more about the work of Bored Beads and view their pieces on their Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest - @boredbeads. You can view their collections and purchase HERE.

Written by Sabrina Sigler (Editor).