Baby Bloomer | WE DO ODD

Updated: Mar 26

Baby Bloomer by Shetland-born creative duo, Samuel Temple and Claire Marie AKA WE DO ODD, captures a camp, saucy picnic on a rare blistering day in Glasgow, while showcasing the stunning blooms of Flowers Vermilion.

The shoot was produced and styled by Claire Marie and shot by Samuel, with inspiration found in the early work of David LaChapelle, who's bright colours and playfulness can be seen throughout WE DO ODD's expansive portfolio.

Baby Bloomer is a perfect representation of the collaborations' ethos, as shared by Samuel;

"As per WE DO ODD fashion, we wanted it to be something odd. Not necessarily different but not quite the same either."

Slideshow of work below:

Models: Claire Marie (Instagram: and Heather May Corvid (Instagram: @heathermaycorvid)

Jewellery: Myrkra Stadr (Instagram: @myrkrastardr)

Flowers: Flowers Vermillon (Instagram: @flowers_vermillion /

Photography: Samuel Temple (Instagram: @samtempl)

Photo Assist: Julie Gibson (Instagram: @juliegibsonartv)

Producer: Claire Marie


WE DO ODD was started by Samuel Temple (he/they) while back in their hometown in Shetland. Sparked by a conversation with artist Niela Nell Kalra. Realising how odd everything around them was. “We do odd, it’s what we do”. Samuel took that moment of inspiration with him when he moved back to Glasgow with the aim to start his own creative practice, building up a portfolio to use to return back to studying.

WE DO ODD is also made by artist, stylist, model, and producer, Claire Marie (she/her). Claire and Samuel, both from Shetland, only met twice while living there. The partnership came together naturally, for they worked together for fun so why not work together for work? Slowly and steadily, photoshoots done in hallways with nail varnish on lightbulbs became larger and more polished. Claire, who is ever on the lookout for other creatives to collaborate with found herself organising shoots with small businesses, designers, and creatives with shared or similar visions as WE DO ODD.

The collective aim to make something beautiful and naturally odd. When looking through the work produced by WE DO ODD, there is a natural beauty that seeps through effortlessly when in fact having been carefully and playfully curated.

Claire and Samuel didn’t want to produce work that they don’t want, or didn’t believe in. They both love creating, and have their own jobs and commitments that keep the shared roof over their heads, there is no rush for the duo to make WE DO ODD something that isn’t pleasurable for them. Instead, they create what they want and how they want to.

Instagram: @wedoodd @samtempl /

Words by Samuel Temple and Sabrina Sigler (Editor)