Apricus | Simran Kaur

Apricus is a photographic series by surrealist photographer and artist, Simran Kaur. The series is inspired by early renaissance paintings such as ‘Angels’ by Pietro Perugino (1470).

For this project Simran looked at the representation of angels, in particular fallen angles. On the project, she said:

“I thought about how can you revive a fallen angel and elevate it to the position of angels. From this and a bit of research, I thought about the enlightenment of fallen angels. I imagined a fallen angel taking out the light left inside them in order to revive themselves and catch the moment of enlightenment, but this act does also cause them some pain as taking away the hope and light left inside, leaving a void.”

The title Apricus, which means sunny in Latin, was chosen to symbolise both the warmth and pain of enlightenment; “sunny weather might feel good yet can cause pain”.

About Simran


Simran Kaur is a surrealist still life portrait photographer and artist. She is Punjabi and is currently based in London.

Simran's main objective is to make viewer's dreams come true by creating intriguing setup while also raising awareness of mental and the environment with her experimental photography. She also creates dreamlike abstract visuals to make the viewer explore another reality.

Simran’s work has been featured in various magazines and zines such Serenity Zine, The Sour Collective, Lux Lucent Zine, Bloom Magazine, and more.

Simran Kaur is currently studying Photography at the University of East London as she wants to expand her knowledge and horizons.

https://simrankaur001.wixsite.com/photography / Instagram: @simran_k_01