Power by Eliya

ABSTRACT IDENTITY is a series of work that explores the colourful journey of constructing your identity. The meaning behind It is that being comfortable with oneself is a struggle and especially so when you don’t fit in with beauty standards created by our patriarchal society. Eliya's photographs shows freedom, the idea of the alpha female and harmonising energies.

Alpha Female by Eliya

Subtle Reign by Eliya

Confident by Eliya

About Eliya


Eliya is a 17-year-old photographer based in London. Eliya has always been in tune with her creative side, allowing her creative manifestations to be free and everything to be a personal rebellion. She is currently studying art, photography and English literature - photography being her favourite subject due to the connection she's built with it. She believes that a successful picture is a picture that invades your emotions and allows you to be free with your interpretations.

She hopes to be known for her creativity and wants to shed light on all broken identities, with the potential for her photography to become political in the future.

Instagram: @confusedcu1ture

Freedom by Eliya